• China’s Greatest Treasures (cctv/BBC World News)

  • Meet the Humans (BBC Worldwide)

  • Japan's Northern Wilderness  (BBC World News/BBC2)

  • Philippines: Island Treasures (BBC Worldwide/BBC2)

  • Beautiful Freaks 3D (Discovery)

  • Freddie Flintoff Goes Wild (Discovery)

  • Saving Planet Earth (BBC1)

  • River Monsters (Animal Planet)​


6 x 30' for CCTV and BBC World News

starts 5th October 2019

In China's Greatest Treasures, BBC art critic Alastair Sooke travels through China, immersing himself in Chinese art and culture past and present. It's an ambitious journey helping Alastair to reveal the stories of some of China's most precious treasures and their connection to China today. 


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